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I am the author of this blog and also a top-producing Loan Officer and CEO of InstaMortgage Inc, the fastest-growing mortgage company in America. All the advice is based on my experience of helping thousands of homebuyers and homeowners. We are a mortgage company and will help you with all your mortgage needs. Unlike lead generation websites, we do not sell your information to multiple lenders or third-party companies.

HOW-LogoHome Buyer Seminar for First Time Home Buyers, Trade up Buyers and Investors in San Jose, CA.

As part of Home Ownership Workshop (HOW) series, Arcus Lending is presenting a live *free* seminar for Home Buyers in San Jose.

With the drop in home prices over the last few years, and record low interest rates, 2/3 of Bay Area residents can now afford to buy the median priced home. This creates a unique opportunity for:

  • First time home buyers – Low down payment loans, Record low interest rates and discounted property prices create a never before opportunity
  • Trade up buyers – For some price range this is the perfect trade up environment
  • Real Estate investors – buying rental homes with predictable 5% cash on cash returns (preferred to the volatility of the stock market or meager returns on money instruments).

Come to this fast paced, content rich seminar. Learn how to:

  • Qualify for a Government loan at 1% down payment and 3.875% 30 year Fixed Rate
  • What is the hottest price range for Move-up buyers
  • How to identify and profit from buying a short sale or foreclosure
  • What provisions to put in your purchase contract
  • How to get the seller and bank to take your offer
  • How to protect yourself from hidden structural and title problems

Your speakers at the seminar are :

  • John V Pinto – Broker/Owner of Realty World and a Santa Clara County Real Estate Practitioner since 1974
  • Shashank Shekhar – CEO of Arcus Lending, Inc. and ranked among top 25 Mortgage professionals in the country by National Mortgage Professionals Magazine

Register today for this free seminar by calling Bianca at 408.615.0655 or by emailing at [email protected]. Seating is limited.

  • When – Wednesday , November 3, 2010 between 5:55 pm and 7:25 pm
  • Where – 4320 Stevens Creek Blvd (2nd floor Conference Room) , San Jose , CA 95129

Even if you cant make it for this Seminar and would like to be informed of our future free Home Buyer Seminars or Web Classes, register here.

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