“Real Estate Unleashed – The Game has changed! Do you know how to win it?” is about the new wave of real estate – the steak and not just the sizzle.

Too many Real Estate Agents dont get the big picture. They are so immersed in whats happening on a daily or a weekly basis that they fail to plan for whats ahead. This book (probably the only one of its kind) tries to rectify that problem. No other book on this topic provides the bigger picture.


The book starts by giving you the fundamentals of Economy, Real Estate and Lending. The authors then delve into some of the major changes that are going to impact the industry in a BIG way. It also provides you step-by-step instructions on how you can win this new game of Real Estate, the rules of which has been completely changed. Among other things, in this book you will learn:

  • How to master the REO Business
  • The fastest growing demographics – The Buyers and Sellers of Tomorrow
  • How to generate business on the web
  • How to create a mega brand called YOU
  • How to plan and execute the right way to guarantee success
  • Little known No to Low down payment loans that can help you close more transactions

Authored by Carole Rodoni and Shashank Shekhar, two of the leading trainers and thought leaders in the Industry, it’s a must have for all Real Estate agents.

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