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shutterstock_15073846-150x150Today, it is easier than ever to create an environmentally friendly home. There are so many different ways and simple steps you can take at home, to help greenify your house and help the environment at the same time.

  1. Switch all of the light bulbs in your house to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Cfl’s use much less energy than regular light bulbs. If you don’t want to switch all of them, just switch out the bulbs in your home that you use the most.
  2. Switch out appliances that you use the most, to energy star appliances. Energy star gets it’s rating for being very energy efficient, which in turn helps save you money while also being environmentally friendly. Also, remembering to unplug appliances that aren’t in current use can cut back on energy use.
  3. Toss out any plastic bags and switch to reusable bags. Many stores even credit you a certain amount of money back each time you use reusable bags, instead of using paper bags from the store.
  4. Get a reusable water bottle. By doing so, you can stop purchasing water bottles each week, saving you money and cutting back on the amount of plastic waste in the environment.
  5. Wash your laundry in cold water. You can also help save energy by line drying your clothes instead of using the dryer.
  6. Ride your bike as many places as you can each week. If you are running errands within a five-mile distance, riding your bike will help cut back on gas emissions.
  7. Shop at your local farmer’s market. Purchasing locally not only puts money back in your community, but also is a healthier option because it is organic.
  8. Use compost to fertilize your garden instead of using a synthetic fertilizer.
  9. Turn all electronics completely off at night.
  10. Go paperless by paying for bills online. This will cut back on paper waste as well as getting annoying letters in the mail. You can also cut back on paper waste by re-using scrap paper any chance you get.
  11. Collect rainwater and use that to water plants instead of using the hose.
  12. DIY cleaners are so much better for the environment. Simply making your own cleaning agent using orange peels with white vinegar and baking soda is so much more organic and natural than the harmful ingredients in store bought cleaners.

This post is contributed by Tom Miller of New Home Source.

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