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    Ellie May reveals that the millennials have shown robust spirits in July, quite in line with their purchasing highs of May and June. Buoyed by sub-3% mortgage rates, millennials (those between 21 and 40) locked in 3.256% as the average 30-year rate. On the year-over-year chart, the rate stood at…
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    Best Markets To Invest In Real Estate For 2018If you're planning on buying rental property this year - why not target cities where you can buy low and rent high?  The best markets to buy rental property have good rental cash flow and equity growth.  Look for these three things, according to RealWealth Network: Job growth Population growth…
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    Riding on the back of continuing low interest rates, mortgage application volumes saw a spurt after a two-week fall, reports Mortgage Bankers Association. The MBA's Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey reveals that there has been a hike of 6.2% in mortgage application volumes over a week and a 37.1% rise, when…
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    Refinance Mortgage Rates are going up Next WeekStarting October 1st, 2020, mortgage refinancing is set to get more expensive thanks to the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) 0.5% refinancing fees. Request a Refinancing Rate Quote FHFA initially announced this fee to be implemented in August but delayed the implementation to December 1st after hue and cry from…
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    There’s no secret to the way our tax system works: If you make money, you owe taxes.  However, when the taxes have to be paid depends on whether it’s income from your job or from your investments. While you have to pay the taxes on the money you make from working…
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