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We offer live, fully customized, and online mortgage rate quotes. You can find out what are the current rates and get quotes for the best 30 Year Fixed, 15 Year Fixed, or Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs).

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30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Quote:

Fixed-rate mortgages do not change rates during the term of the loan. So, if you get a rate of say 6%, the rate will remain the same for the next 30 years. You can also choose a shorter-term fixed-rate loan.

15-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Quote:

15 Year Fixed mortgages work the same way as 30-year fixed mortgages in that they have a fixed interest rate for the term of the loan. However, 15 Year-fixed mortgages have higher monthly payments and typically a lower interest rate. Choose this loan program if you are comfortable paying a higher payment and want to pay off your loan faster and pay less interest in the process.

This blog post explains the difference between a 30 Year and 15 Year fixed-rate mortgage.

ARM Rate Quote:

Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) have fixed rates for a certain number of months or years and can adjust at a higher or lower rate after that. The most common fixed-rate terms are 5, 7, and 10 years. The loan term is still 30 years and your mortgage payment is calculated using the start rate for a 30-year term.

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Raul Reyna4 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

All I have to say is I am very grateful for going with Insta mortgage. Giovanni Valdez did an amazing job!!!! All these loan terms, numbers etc. was like a foreign language to me. Giovanni did such an amazing job explaining things and helped me understand everything. Very knowledgeable and so professional!!! Was always there for you to answer any question or concern you had. He went above and beyond in trying to find me the best rate/loan. I am so glad and fortunate to have him help out with my home buying process. He was there from beginning to end in the whole process. Forever grateful, thanks so much for your help Giovanni, couldn’t have gotten my home without your help.

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Juan Carlos Gutierrez5 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

Working with Giovanni Valdez at InstaMortgage was one of the best decisions I have made through my home buying process. He made things so simple and got my a better rate than I had before. My only regret was not starting off with him right from the beginning of my home buying process. I would definitely recommend Giovanni and InstaMortgage to any friends or family members trying to go through this process.

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Lupita Rodriguez5 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

I am very grateful for my loan officer, Giovanni Valdez. He was extremely kind and never hesitated to communicate with me when there was a change or update in my case. He made it a priority to make sure that I understood every step of the loan process and answered all of my questions. His professionalism is impeccable and it gave me the reassurance I needed to continue my house buying process.

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Katie Baughman2 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

I have worked with Behzad 2 times now and both transactions were smooth. With both of my clients he had great communication with buyers, me the agent, and title. He always answered my questions and my calls! I would absolutely use him again.

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Irene Fonseca5 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

Giovanni Valdez was very pleasant to work with. As a first time homebuyer he answered all of my questions and patiently helped me throughout the entire process. He was easy to communicate with and was always on top of everything! I would highly recommend him as a loan officer!

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J Caldwell4 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

Worked with Giovanni Valdez with instamortgage and all I can say is thank you! Giovanni was professional and worked a time melt manner making sure my house hunting process went smooth and efficiently. Would highly recommend working with him if you are in the housing market.

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Patrick Hendry3 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

I worked with Behzad Hamid at InstaMortgage and he was a pleasure to work with. He got me a great rate and was very efficient at getting the various requests to me that were needed to close the deal. It was my partner's first first mortgage and she was very anxious about understanding everything. Behzad was very patient explaining everything to her.

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Jimit Pandya4 months agoReview starReview starReview starReview starReview star

We have been working with Shashank since 2015, have purchased both of our homes, have refinanced our mortgage with him and have friends who we have referred to him. Shashank and his team are amazing to work and are always looking out for our best interest. Shashank always works out a mortgage strategy that aligns with our needs and delivers on time. We would recommend his team and are confident that they will make your home buying experience easier and less stressful. Thank you Shashank and Bianca for helping us with our new home!

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"Shashank Shekhar is a stellar lender!!! He and his team are very knowledgeable and understand the mortgage program that works best for you. The process is transparent, they are very open to answering questions and very responsive".

Tracey M - Sunnyvale, CA