A lot has changed since I wrote “First Time Home Buying 101” in 2009. So, I am rewriting it. In fact, it’s in the final stages of getting published.

The version 2.0 is “New & Improved”, “Bigger & Better”. As cliched as it may sound, it’s actually true.

My goal is to write absolutely the best book for First Time Home Buyers. The old information has been updated and several new chapters have been added. There is not an aspect of first time home buying that has been left untouched.

Who this book is for?

  • People who are considering buying their first home
  • Real Estate Agents or brokers who are representing first time home buyers
  • Mortgage lenders who are representing first time home buyers


I sent the draft copies to some experts in the industry and their feedback has been very favorable.

If you are looking for your first home, this book is a must read. It provides insightful tips and advice that will empower you as you take this major life step. Reading First Time Home Buying 101 should be on the to-do list of every new homebuyer. – Dan Milstein, CEO Gold Star Mortgage Financial and Best-selling Author

“What a nice read! First Time Home Buying 101 is very easy to understand and follow. It was just enough information. Finally a book about being a first time home buyer that actually gives them the information they need and not just a sales pitch.” – Carole Rodoni, President – Bamboo Consulting, National Economist and Real Estate Speaker