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I am the author of this blog and also a top-producing Loan Officer and CEO of InstaMortgage Inc, the fastest-growing mortgage company in America. All the advice is based on my experience of helping thousands of homebuyers and homeowners. We are a mortgage company and will help you with all your mortgage needs. Unlike lead generation websites, we do not sell your information to multiple lenders or third-party companies. has been named to the Top 100 Mortgage Blogs in the World, by Feedspot. The blog ranked #23 on the list of best mortgage blogs across the globe.

The list is dominated by blogs and websites in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The list features single-author websites like authored by your’s truly, multi-author websites like The Mortgage Report, company websites like Better and Movement Mortgage, and major media websites like CNBC and National Mortgage News.

Mortgage Blog has been regularly publishing articles on the topics of home buying and refinancing since 2009. The website has over 500 published blog posts authored by Shashank Shekhar and has been on Feedspot’s best mortgage blog list in the past as well.

Feedspot is the internet’s largest human-curated database of bloggers and podcasts. The World’s best mortgage list is their annual feature. is Ranking #24  on most popular Mortgage Blogs  in the Industry.

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    The California Association of Realtors’s (CAR) housing market statistics reveal that the San Francisco Bay Area has had a mixed September when it comes to median sold prices of existing single-family homes. While Alameda, Marin, Napa, and Santa Clara are closing in the green, Counties Contra Costa, San Francisco, San…
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