I have created complete guides to several loan programs. These guides will help you find answers to possibly any questions you might have on these programs. Simply click on the link below to read all about the loan program:

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    Understanding Credit Score Your credit score and credit history are vital to the mortgage process. In this guide, we break down the basics of credit scores and offer valuable tips on how to manage your score. Start from the beginning or jump in wherever you are to continue! Guides UNDERSTANDING…
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    Donald Trump's stunning presidential election win hasn't just spooked the poll pundits, it has spiked mortgage rates too. And the spike is fairly substantial. Between Wednesday, Thursday and Today (Market being closed on Friday), mortgage-backed securities have lost a whopping 236 basis points (bps). And we are not even done…
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    People who are retired or about to retire may have prepared all their lives to live a quiet life in their old age. However, with the high costs of living in general, this may be more difficult than they thought. In this case, people over 62 have the option of…
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    Mortgage rate spike that started after the presidential election results has now gone into the overdrive. Today, the rates reached their highest level in almost three years. The impending Fed rate hike coupled with fear of rising inflation has pushed the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) yield lower. MBS prices and mortgage…
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    Many home buyers find that an FHA home loan is the best way for them to obtain a mortgage. They are able to enjoy the benefits of homeownership without having to put down a large down payment and do not have to have a super high credit score. The FHA…
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