2022 Conforming Limit Nevada counties is $647,200 and for 2-unit properties is $828,700 See below the list of all 2022 Conforming Limit Nevada counties for 1, 2, 3, and 4 Unit properties. 2022 Conforming Loan Limits for Carson City 1  Unit – $647,200 2 Unit – $828,700 3 Unit – $1,001,650 4 Unit – $1,244,850 2022 Conforming Loan Limits for Churchill County 1  Unit – $647,200 2 Unit – $828,700 3 Unit – $1,001,650 4 Unit – $1,244,850 2022 Conforming Loan Limits for Clark County 1  Unit – $647,200 2 Unit – $828,700 3…continue reading →

2022 FHA Loan Limits Makes a Big Jump

2022 FHA Loan Limits - both “floor” and “ceiling” loan limits will increase from $356,362 and $822,375 in Calendar Year 2021 to $420,680 and $970,800 in CY 2022, respectively, for a one-unit property. These limits are applicable to loan applications taken between January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. Low-cost Area 2022 FHA Loan LimitThe FHA national low-cost area mortgage limits, which are set at 65 percent of the national conforming limit of $647,200 for a one-unit Property, are, by property unit number, as follows:One-unit: $420,680Two-unit: $538,650Three-unit: $651,050Four-unit: $809,150 High-cost Area 2022 FHA…continue reading →

MortgageBlog.com Named to Top 100 Mortgage Blogs in the World

MortgageBlog.com has been named to the Top 100 Mortgage Blogs in the World, by Feedspot. The blog ranked #27 on the list of best mortgage blogs in the world. The list is dominated by blogs and websites in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The list features single-author websites like mortgageblog.com authored by your's truly, multi-author websites like The Mortgage Report, company websites like Better and Movement Mortgage, and major media websites like CNBC and National Mortgage News. Mortgage Blog has been regularly publishing articles on the topics of home buying and refinancing…continue reading →

What are the consequences if you miss the closing date?

The mortgage application process can be time-consuming and frequently prone to delays due to a variety of reasons. However, as the closing date approaches, there is a sense of relief and eager anticipation. The buyer, seller, and their real estate agents will meet, sign the purchase contract and other necessary paperwork to complete the home sale. Typically, buyers have 30 to 45 days until the closing date. Buyers will undergo an inspection and finalize financing with their lender during this period. When you miss a closing date, you may suffer a penalty from…continue reading →

How to Apply for an FHA Loan in 2021? Who can Qualify?

How to apply for and who can qualify for an FHA loan in 2021? FHA loans offer incredible alternatives for first-time homebuyers and existing homeowners. Traditional fixed and adjustable-rate FHA mortgages for homes continue to exist, but special opportunities which include energy-efficient incentives, graduated payments, and reverse mortgages are also available in 2021. While we provide an overview of available FHA loan products and qualification guidelines below, a personalized assessment is the best way to find the loan product that will work best for you and your home-owning situation. Learn about the difference…continue reading →


Conforming Limits 2021 Florida is $548,250 and goes up to $608,350 for high-cost counties for one-unit properties. Conforming Limits 2021 Florida for 2-unit properties is $702,000 and goes up to $778,800 for high-cost counties. View 2022 conforming loan limit Florida - All counties 2021 Conforming Loan Limits for Alachua County 1 Unit – $548,250 2 Unit – $702,000 3 Unit – $848,500 4 Unit – $1,054,500 2021 Conforming Loan Limits for Baker County 1 Unit – $548,250 2 Unit – $702,000 3 Unit – $848,500 4 Unit – $1,054,500 2021 Conforming Loan Limits for Bay…continue reading →

Nonbank Mortgage Firms Increase Hiring Rate

The payrolls of the nonbank mortgage bankers and brokers cumulatively increased by roughly 2% on the monthly chart and 9% on the yearly chart, divulges the latest report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the expectations were rather mute, given the traditionally lackluster buying numbers in fall, many nonbank mortgage houses are hiring at a decent rate, believing that it is the time to execute ambitious plans. For instance, Mr. Cooper proposes to hire 2,000 employees. AmeriSave Mortgage Corp. is looking for the same number of recruits. As early as in July, Freedom…continue reading →

Inventory Shortage May Obstruct Corona-rebound Sales

Aspiring homeowners are likely to come hard once the Coronavirus scare recedes but real estate marketplace Zillow feels that housing inventory shortage may obstruct any possible sales rebound.  Its Weekly Market Report reveals a drop of 17.1% in inventory compared to the same time last year. Over the week, it has fallen by 0.4%. Houses which are on for-sale supply also took a beating in many of the top 35 metros. The figures show a 35% dip in Cleveland, 36% in Seattle, and 34.4% in Philadelphia. To paraphrase Skylar Olsen, Zillow’s senior principal…continue reading →

As Lending Standards Tighten, Mortgage Credit Availability Index Drops to a 5-year Low

Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) after analyzing data from Ellie Mae's AllRegs® Market Clarity® business information tool reported that the Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI) in April dropped to the lowest level since December 2014. The decline is MCAI shows the tightening of lending standards showing decreased availability of mortgages for potential borrowers. The MCAI index fell by 12.2% to an index of 133.5. The rate of decline in the last 2 months is the sharpest in over a decade. As evidenced by the chart below, the MCAI fell for every product category. The…continue reading →

How does the Mortgage Payment Forbearance Plan work?

The CARES Act is a law now.  In place of a series of whack-a-mole moves, the administration has come up with the Mjolnir this soon in the battle. Instant aggression! Good approach!  To prevent the Coronavirus pandemic genie from coming out of the bottle, the $2 trillion stimulus bill from the government sounds like a plan. The big headline for the home mortgage industry is the loan forbearance plan made available to the borrowers on all the government-backed mortgages. By uttering nearly as little as I CAN’T PAY, borrowers can forgo mortgage payments…continue reading →